Survey Findings

Here is the results of my findings from my internet usage survey:

The main age was 20-27 however most of the boxes were ticked when counted up at the end. So in terms of who I will be targeting I cannot say in terms of age becuase our results showed a range of age. Even though 20-27 was selected more but only just. Therefore when considering my target audience I must take that it is a broad age into consideration.

The results for gender were about 60% Male and 40% female. This shows me that more males are using the internet at this current time.

The ethnicity results was fairly broad as we now live in a mixed society.

Most people use the internet for information and for socializing from the results of my survey. I feel this is because people want to know what is happening around them and what might be affecting them in terms of information. But in terms of socialising, this is growing in popularity as the years advance.

From the results I got postive feedback on asking whether they support any causes or charities. About just over 60% said they support a charity. And in relation to that they would use the internet as there first source if they needed information on that topic. But alot of people didnt use the internet to support charities.

The majority of people ticked the box simple and easy to read box and I feel that is the most importnat criterea for a website as without this the audience will not carry on reading it.

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