Target Audience

From looking at my findings from my 2 Surveys I can now get a reasonable understanding to who my target audience will be.

Firstly in terms of age I will be aiming to create the website for a young adults between 19-27, as from our research from our surveys it came back with a this age. This means that it must be easy to understand but also have enough detail, text and picture wise to be eye catching for the audience to carry on navigating through my website. As we have a young adult audience, the design of the text and how the information is portrayed must be thought through as there must be enough detail there and of a high standard to keep the audience reading and interested in my website.
Our target audience is balanced between male and female, however my research from my internet usage survey shows that males are using the internet slightly more than females so when I design the website I must take into consideration that in terms of gender it is fairly balanced.
In terms of my target audience relating to ethnicity I feel that it is all ethnicities as we live in a multi-cultural society and that I can’t really single a certain ethnicity as it could be any.
In terms of class I also see it in another way and relate this topic to income as I feel these two links closely together. My survey found that my target audience will have a relatively high income as they will need to have money in their pockets if they want to be able to afford to buy cigarettes, tobacco etc. But in terms of class I feel that my target audience would be middle working class as they will need to be working to earn money to pay for there habit but also in that middle bracket to have the access to go online and view websites similar to mine. Whereas maybe a higher class person may just pay someone or a company to find out or help them stop. And vise versa a low class person may not have the availability to find out about these services.
In relation to this I feel that my audience are 'Experiencers' and the definition for this is,
' These consumers are the high-resource group of those who are motivated by self-expression. They are the youngest of all the segments, with a median age of 25. They have a lot of energy, which they pour to physical exercise and social activities. They are avid consumers, spending heavily on clothing, fast-foods, music, and other youthful favorites, with particular emphasis on new products and services.'
I feel this is the correct title for my audeince as I feel it fits all the demands of experiencers.

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